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Saturday, January 12, 2008


FXAbout VersusBoard

VersusBoard FX ® is a Forex Trade Signals Software application. It delivers Forex Signals Alerts in real time. It tells you the entry and exit points for six pairs of currencies (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, USD/CAD, EUR/JPY).Its users also benefit from Forex Signals Alerts, necessary tools for the Forex trader: A complete and detailed market analysis thanks to "Market Briefing", graphics in real time and more....Versusboard FX® is a revolutionary system, managed and provided by renowned traders, who have proved themselves on the Forex market in the major exchanges. This is the perfect tool and ideal solution for anyone who wishes to trade with complete confidence. It is designed for those who do not have sufficient experience or who do not have the time to analyse the market.This system is designed for those new to forex. The signals are easy to understand and enter. No confusing terminology. If you can enter basic orders (market, limit, stop loss), then you can be successful at this system! The signals are so easy to enter that a nine year old child can enter them ... really!How does it work?Versusboard FX® covers the main exchange centres (Asian, US and European). Forex Trade Signals are delivered to you by our team of professional traders using our Versusboard FX ® tool. These signals are based on fundamental and technical analyses.Our users access Versusboard FX®, using an identifier and a password. As soon as a signal is delivered, our users are instantly informed in real time on our VersusBoard FX® platform. Our signals are also delivered to you by e-mail and SMS/mobile phone, so that, wherever you are, you will not miss any of our signals.Subscribers are provided specific Buy/Sell indications, Entry points, Stop-loss levels, and Profit-taking levels for each of the currency pairs. The signals are extremely easy to follow.About Forex Solutions Forex Solutions is a trademark of the globally renowned company General Product Services. Its mission is to provide foreign exchange trading services. Its team is made up of experienced professionals in the exchanges market, economic analysts and traders from the world's leading banks. Our professionals are there at the service of our clients, so that they can be successful on the Forex market. Our services are focused on Forex Trade Signals.Expert Market Intelligence from TrumpgainEstablished in 1999, Trumpgain is a provider of profitable money market trading signals to Forex investors around the world.Even if you are not a professional trader or analyst, Trumpgain trading signals are extremely straightforward to execute. We provide exact instructions to follow – entry and exit alerts and the price and type of transaction to make. You can check your trading signals wherever you are via email or your PDA/mobile phone using SMS and WAP technology, and keeping up to date with the latest signals takes just five minutes. Check your signals only once a day or three times a dayor every 4 hours depending on trading signals you choose.Within our range of services, you will find a trading strategy that is ideal for your particular circumstances – investment objectives, resources and level of experience.More rave reviewsSimple, profitable, and an absolute pleasure to use. The "Power Break" system is producing the pips and giving me sooo much free time. It's truly like taking candy from a baby.James, UKhi, just a brief line to congratulate you on your power break challenge. I have been trading Forex full-time for over a year now and have been searching for a method where I don't have to be sat at the screen 8 hours a day. At last I have found it ! So far this month (2 weeks) with your hands off system I am 300 + pips and with no stress !! My own trading has yielded around 200 pips for the same period, but for that I am sat at the PC far too much. Also your whole system is very professionally managed with regular email up-dates. once again, well done and keep up the good workMarcI am trading forex for almost 2 years, and in this period I have subscribed to many signals providers and I bought so many ebooks, but like your ebook with the simple method I have never seen!!! plus you are not selling the book to us, you are also helping us by posting signal setup. thank you sooooooooo much for taking care of us even after buying your ebook. Wish you all the best.M.UsasalmHey Andrew, thank you ever so much for the Challenge. I have only been trading the Forex for a couple of months, looked at quite a few methods (some of them were not too bad)and wasn't very fortunate yet. But now I count myself very lucky to have found the Expert Forex Challenge!! It really IS working, we're in the plus and it's SO easy and takes very little time. A very happy trader thanks you.LazzyThanks Andrew, Can't tell you how many systems and how much money I have spent learning Forex. All's I got out of them were there are 6 jabillion indicators, none of which do anything. Your system is so simple my 7 yr old could do it. In fact there really is not much to do. Truly "set it and forget it". Generally make 80-120 pips while I'm a sleep (EST). Thank's for the rest of my day off. Steve J.At last a Forex system that is genuine, through and through. I am so glad I found the PB system, finally I can look forward to a financially secure future. Thanks Andrew.Mark, Birmingham, UKHello there,In just under 2 months I have made 628 pips This has more than doubled my starting capital.Superb SystemTORUSI've been trading Forex for about 2 years without much success... until I came across Power Break System! Since joining the ''Çhallenge" I made about 300 pips and for once I feel really confident about Forex trading. The e-mail alert is simply superb and with mobile MT4 installed on my PDA phone, I am able to place my orders anywhere I go. Waaay to go Andrew and don't you ever exclude me from the future challenge...bdandiHi everybody..........greetings from Tasmania, Australia. Even though I reside at the bottom of the world (nearly) I too am having unparalled success with the Power Break Challenge. It is everything that the authors describe and I have no hesitation in recommending the whole package. I have been trading for over 12 months, and have tried and tested many strategy's and this one is brilliant. Thank you for your efforts and time involved in presenting this unique system to the market. May all who venture with you on this journey have success and prosperity.Here are 6 reasons why you should get the Expert Forex Systems TodayREASON 1: This is totally unique. The two systems in the Expert Forex Systems™ book are unique, and not available in this form anywhere else. If you don't get them here, you will never get them. I want you to own this book because I am totally sold out on the trading methods I will teach you. These are methods which will change EVERYTHING you thought you knew about trading, and add thousands to your balance!"REASON 2: This is totally risk-free. I back up your purchase with my personal, no B.S money back guarantee, which you can read about lower down. If you are not happy, I will refund your money without question. This guarantee is also 100% backed up by Clickbank, our online retailer. You have absolutely no risk.REASON 3: You need an "edge" (we all do!) You are at this website because you may be looking for an edge in your trading, or you want to get started with the most exciting career in the World. I promise you that these methods will give you an edge in your trading, your earning power and your personal free time. Don't walk away from this without trying it. I will do everything possible to help you get your own copy of the Expert Forex Systems™.REASON 4: I am risking my reputation on your satisfaction. I am so excited about this book, (I trade both systems myself, and I know they work) that I am staking my reputation on your personal satisfaction. I have a forum for my clients where they can post whatever they want about the trading methods in the book. Once 300 books have been sold, I will open the forum up to the Web, totally unedited and unbiased. I have no fear in doing this, because I know the vast majority of the posts will be 100% positive.REASON 5: I will give you all the support you need. At the very same forum, I will personally supply you with support, trading examples, answer questions and make sure that you understand both systems 100%. You will also be able to interact with hundreds of other traders trading the same system as you. This sort of support is invaluable.REASON 6: This will not be available forever. When I feel that we have sold enough copies of the Expert Forex Systems™, we will immediately remove this offer from the Web. Of course, we will continue to support our existing clients, but we may not be accepting new orders.I have given you 6 totally logical, reasonable and compelling reasons to snatch your own copy of the Expert Forex Systems now.Seriously, it would be crazy not to give this a try.... I am not even asking you to risk even 1 cent.

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